Swedish (Classic) massage

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Basic type of massage is one of the major systems of massage in the world. During massage therapist uses traditional manipulative techniques: effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading), friction (rubbing) and tapotement (percussion). Masseuse puts oil on her hands then starts massage, client is always covered with a towel, only the part of the body being worked is uncovered.


The effect of massage in the body:

  • circulatory system: accelerate the blood and lymph circulation, stimulating inactive capillaries, it operates anticoagulation, faster absorption of edema and exudates, speeds up metabolism, results in better oxygenation and nutrition of tissues;
  • muscles: result in better nutrition and oxygenation of muscle, prepare for the effort, prevents injuries, increasing muscle elasticity, accelerates postprandial regeneration, increases or decreases muscle tension;
  • bone structure: relaxes joints, maintains a normal joint mobility, strengthen ligaments periarticular, preventing overloads and injuries, results in faster recovery after exercise, results in better nutrition and oxygenation ponds, increase cohesiveness, bulk and weight of the bone;
  • skin: it acts cosmetically, firms and tones the skin, removes dead layers of the epidermis, causes mechanical break down fat, preventing bedsores;
  • the nervous system: gentle massage relaxes and calms, strong massage stimulates, facilitates the conduction of nerve signals;

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