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Swedish (Classic) massage Swedish (Classic) massage
Hot stone massage Hot stone massage
Hot bamboo massage Hot bamboo massage
Medical massage Medical massage
Vibrating massage Vibrating massage

Therapy Zone is a place where are carried out professional treatments by master of physiotherapy and certified masseuse - Natalia Sowinska.

I offer both men and women treatments. Do you have back pains, sciatica? Do you feel tired, stressed or you have tension in your shoulders? Do you need relaxation or professional treatment? Therapy Zone is the best choice. Massage in Therapy Zone can be both analgesic therapy and a way to relax and unwind.

The offer includes a professional massages as:

  • Swedish (classic) massage,
  • deep tissue massage / massage for athletes,
  • hot stones massage,
  • hot bamboo massage,
  • therapeutic massage,
  • warm herbal stamps massage,
  • vibrating massage,
  • chinese cupping massage (running / migrating cups),
  • chinese cupping therapy,
  • on-site (chair) massage,
  • Indian head massage,
  • hot oil massage 

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Did you know about the effectiveness of massage in fibromyalgia?

People with fibromyalgia may have extreme tiredness, muscle stiffness, difficulty sleeping, headaches.

A professional, deeply relaxing massage can bring relief and help. In my massage room I often meet patients with fibromyalgia, who after the first massage feel a great improvement in their well-being. Some of them also limit the amount of painkillers.

As a Master of Physiotherapy for my patients I recommend a warm deep tissue massage with the therapy of trigger points. The results are very good.

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Are you aware that Therapy Zone has the best prices and quality of treatments in Belfast? You do not believe it, come and check. I assure you that you will be satisfied. Cozy and warm massage room. Heated, electrical bed and relaxation music during treatment. If you need more massages I offer loyalty cards, each sixth massage is half price. Book your appointment today and enjoy the best massages at the lowest prices. You do not have an idea for a gift? No problem, I offer very nice gift cards, each one is packed into envelope. Give your next of kin or friends something special!

Professional massages - Belfast City Centre
130a Great Victoria Street


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Swedish massage

Deep tissue massage

Hot oil massage

Head massage

Hot bamboo massage

Hot stones massage

On-site (chair) massage

Cupping massage

Cupping therapy

Medical massage

Vibrating massage


Therapy Zone Natalia Sowinska

130a Great Victoria Street
BT2 7BG Belfast

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